Data Collection Compensation and Monetisation

A project log for City wide water leakage monitoring

Adelaide city, a city with very limited water resources, has an issue with burst pipes

Paul SchulzPaul Schulz 04/27/2016 at 04:180 Comments

(In the following, 'bitcoin' has been used as the payment process used in this implementation. This should be understood as being generic, as any block-chain based transaction system would be suitable. Bitcoin itself may prove to be problematic due to the transaction fees which need to be included.)

A funding mechanism is required which promotes a self sustaining business model. A suitable model would:

The suggested business model may also be disruptive, new and novel.

A micropayment system for sensor data based on Bitcoin is proposed. When data is transmitted from sensors a bitcoin address is associated with the data. Bitcoin is paid to this address once data is received expected sensor time of life, recovery and recycling costs.

By attaching micropayments to sensor network operation there is an incentive for the operator to keep up with sensor maintenance.

Sensors are registered with data consumers to supply data at a particular bitcoin rate.

Data Consumers

Data Brokers / Gateways

Data Producer/Sensor data

Deployment of the sensor data requires an upfront investment in equipment, infrastructure, (some) R&D and deployment. Funds also need to be allocated to recovery and recycling. This investment can be recouped over a particular period, determined by the sensors (battery life) in the network.

Additional sensor network deployments by other organisations can be incorporated into the aggregated data and also made available via Bitcoin payments.

The sensor network can be monitored via bitcoin transactions.