First Concept

A project log for Low Cost Modular CNC for Education

A modular tabletop CNC platform for education. Tools should be easy to swap (Eg dremel, drill, laser) and software calibration should be rel

jamesJames 04/23/2016 at 12:350 Comments

First conceptual Sketchup image uploaded - this is a 1000x500mm bed with a moving gantry for XYZ movement. X (gantry motion along length of bed) should ideally be done with lead screws but could also be roller bearings. Y and Z must either be lead screws or cheap ballscrews from aliexpress. An H-belt mechanism was considered but with lower-cost mechanical components this is likely to decrease accuracy to an unacceptable level.

NEMA stepper motors will be used for all axis. It may be cheaper to use 2 stepper motors and drivers per axis than to use mechanical linkages - this will need to be determined in the first round of testing. Using two motors per axis may also help to reduce backlash.

Framework is intended to be lasercut (or routed) out of MDF for testing and acrylic for the final product.