Alright, this is for all you survival enthusiasts out there!

Let's just say we're making an Open Source survival device that has everything needed for basic survival in nearly any terrain or region that will cost around $100?

Or even $50 if you care to assemble it yourself.

Before anyone points out that it's a Pip Boy

Sort of. But let's not get carried away with gimmicks here.

Although this project existed in the back of my mind for a long time, a few pieces of media recently inspired me to really start doing it.

Prepping and survival have been hobbies of mine for quite a while, I always like to be prepared, so I started reading a book called Bushcraft 101

I thought - well this is alright, and contains a lot of great information - but what if you haven't read the book and find yourself in a situation where you need to survive.

Smartphones and tablets are OK, but exactly how long are they supposed to last? In the last few years we've been gladly sacrificing battery life for cool features on our phones. And the result is - we have phones that can barely last half a day. That's simply no good.

SCOTT functions on the philosophy of minimalism and anti-bloat - we're going to prepare a super streamlined IO and OS for it so that it can run on what many would consider calculator hardware in this day and age. The benefit of that would mean that this device will function for weeks, even months! Combined with the e-ink display used in e-readers of course.

The hardware isnt the most interesting part of this project. Although a cool one - who wouldn't want a modern and affordable wrist-worn computer?

We've been designing the OS to basically add a gamification element to survival - the guides and info inside of it isn't just text, they're interactive and environmentally aware apps that put your survival before anything else.

We have apps that show you how to do anything - from fishing, to identifying plants, to building a fire and a shelter, as well as the dangers involved. When you first have to use it, it will help you help it identify what kind of terrain you've found yourself in, what tools and knowledge you have - it will use all that to create a tailored and bespoke interactive survival guide with on-screen instructions, animations and various other aid.

I can imagine this device being as irreplaceable as a swiss army knife

But you ask - how often do people find themselves in a survival situation?

Well aside from movies, not that much (or at least that we know of). Our world is more connected than ever and chances of you being stranded on a deserted island are unlikely. Instead, what this device provides is the ability to survive in any real or theoretical situation - so you can use it when you're camping or hiking in the great outdoors or perhaps just wanting to challange yourself and see what are your odds against nature (with this device and a few handy tools - pretty good I must say)

The military has similar wrist worn devices, but seems like these are either conceptual or impossible for consumers to purchase

Unless of course you'd like to spend $8000 to wear a fridge on your arm that runs Windows CE

There is so much work that needs to go into this project, but we have a fairly good idea of what to expect and what to do for it. We've been running over multiple designs and ideas for quite some time now. If you'd like to join this project, let us know!

We're only getting started. Stay tuned for more!