This is my attempt to build a Micro Word clock. This based and inspired by @Daniel Rojas's #Micro Word Clock. I could have just rebuilt Daniel's design, but I decided no to that. Instead I started to redesign Daniel's Board to get some additional features.


Like the original I will use a tiny 2*2cm LED Matrix. This matrix gets also controlled by an ATMega 8 (or pin compatible). I will use the smaller MLF-package controller. The RTC IC got also changed. I will use a MCP7940M RTC. It is available in a smaller Package (TSSOP-8). And there is also a lipo charge IC (MCP7381) on the board. A power supply can be connected to the micro USB connector. There are also all necessary footprints to use this USB connector for V-USB. Which would give the microcontroller USB device capabilities.


The first basic software will just read the RTC via i2c and display the time. But there will be more. With V-USB there are many possibilities.


  • @Daniel Rojas he built the Word Clock wich inspired me. This clokc is also based on his design.


This project is published under a Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 License.