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A project log for Universal software for DIY spectrometers

Hooking up a DIY spectrometer to professional spectroscopy software

Friedrich MengesFriedrich Menges 09/15/2016 at 10:590 Comments

Since about mid of June, I am working on the Spekwin32 successor software, called "SpectraGryph". There were some weeks of working on other projects plus moving from Berchtesgaden to Oberstdorf in August.

Overall, a lot of progress has been made and the new software will be greater and better than Spekwin32, modernized all around with new features and better interactivity. Still, it will be easy to use and robust, as you know it from Spekwin32. Eventually, driving a webcam-based DIY spectrometer functionality will find it's way also into the new software.

Some preliminary information with screenshots can be found from the new SpectraGryph website:

This work was partly enabled by a fundraising campaign (first unsuccessful onKickstarter, then with a second, direct attempt on my website:

I am very grateful to all the supporters giving their share and encouraging me to go forward. Thank you for putting your trust into me. You will not be disappointed.