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Hooking up a DIY spectrometer to professional spectroscopy software

Friedrich MengesFriedrich Menges 08/16/2017 at 20:400 Comments

Last week, Spectragryph v1.2.2 was released, bringing x axis calibration. This enables to transform the measured raw pixel spectrum into wavelength scale or even directly to Raman shift. Just measure a calibration sample or light source with known peak positions, assign their numbers to the measured peaks, and the calibration algorithm will do the rest.  Second and third order polynomial available, the coefficients are automatically applied after activation.
This week, released v1.2.3, increasing the range of supported devices:
- Andor cams

- Ocean Optics module

- Stellarnet modules

- USB webcams

Also, the part of the manual on acquisition is almost finished:

Have fun!