New spectragryph with major improvements!

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Friedrich MengesFriedrich Menges 01/18/2018 at 23:440 Comments

Yesterday, the new Spectragryph version v1.2.8 was release. There have been a couple of improvements around the webcam-based spectra acquisition:

What does that mean?   >>> reproducible spectral data acquisition <<<  !!

By turning all the autosettings off and making exposure time accessible, you can now define appropriate exposure times yourself (to avoid clipping!) and keep them stable. When measuring absorbance, no AutoExposure function will any more destroy the relationship between measured reference intensity and sample intensity.

This is like BAAAMM, when compared to the previous situation. I hope you like it. There will still be some really cheap webcams that won't let their exposure time settings be changed, sorry for these.

Hope you like it! Download the new version from: I won't update download links anymore here.