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Power/People to Power/People: A universal power converter

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There are many sources of power available throughout the world and many power needs. People in developed and underdeveloped countries need an inexpensive, universal device to convert multiple forms of power to other forms that are more useful to them.
This black box accepts AC and DC electrical power, fluid power, and rotational power and coverts any or all to any combination of the same output forms. The user selects the inputs and outputs: the converter does the rest.
The unit is sealed from water and dust, and has the ability to have an internal electrical storage device, so that power can be generated in one time frame and used in another. There is also provision for external power storage, but this sacrifices some immunity from weather and dust.

Possible inputs:

  • DC power: 1 to 600 volts, up to 400W and 75A,
  • AC power: 20 to 240 volts, up to 400W and 20A,
  • Fluid flow: upper limit of 50 PSI,
  • Spline drive: 5.25 ft-lbs @ 500 RPM to 0.875 ft-lbs torque at 3000 RPM (1/2HP)

Storage capacity:

  • 120 Ampere-hours, with provision for additional external storage

Possible outputs:

  • 3 USB ports -- up to 6.3A total
  • Copper stud (M6 / 1/4 in)
  • Universal AC outlets at 120/240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Tesla turbine fluid pump (input as inlet to output; water, air, non-corrosive fluids and gases)
  • Spline drive: 5.25 ft-lbs @ 500 RPM to ft-lbs @ 3000 RPM (1/2HP)

Displays and controls:

  • LED indication of power input and output levels
  • LED indication of internal power storage level
  • Push-button selection of inputs and outputs (multiple choices allowed)


  • IP65 sealed case with external cooling fins.
  • Epoxy finish

Do you like power? Do you like portmanteaus? Do you like things that are fantabulous? Great!

The People-Power to People-Power Universal Power Converter takes different kinds of energy and turns it into the kind of energy you need. Energy may not be created or destroyed, but it can be transformed!

This device is useful in all kinds of applications, whether you're in a developed or developing country. Take power in the form of electrical, fluid, or rotating mechanical energy and convert it into the same or another form of power. You can also store that power in an internal or external storage device, such as a battery or super-capacitor.

Constraints on inputs and outputs are flexible, and they are protected from light abuse such as reverse-polarity and shorted outputs.

The goal of this device is flexibility and versatility, and promoting the ability to use energy in many forms from multiple sources.

  • 1 × Casing
  • 2 × Motor/Generator
  • 4 × PowerPole polarized DC connector, 75A 600V
  • 8 × Selector pushbuttons Momentary push-button
  • 1 × Tesla turbine / pump

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