Personal web and mobile app designed to be your most trusted friend.

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According to Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post, "millenials don't trust anyone" (2015). What if there was an app that millenials could trust. An app that takes user data through facial recognition (signs of stress), voice recognition (positive/negative connotations), and keyboard input (tracking keywords), with the hope of evaluating your day, like any friend might do. It remembers your dismay when you were stuck in traffic and helps you avoid routes. It remembers the food poisoning you got from the local deli and reminds you not to go there. It notifies you if set a course to your local department store and reminds you about your spending concerns. You have a hot date, it can remind you of your hot date and offer suggestions based on your descriptions of her/him. Maybe you've had a rough week, user input suggests your week has been horrible, it will know what helps you and find coupons to a spa. Maybe your depressed, elated, or simply in need of someone.

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