Approximately 41 percent of the world's refugees are children. While many camps have schools, there is still a need for the children to have more creative outlets. They are dealing with a lot of emotional stress and turmoil, especially at such young ages, so our project would help them cope through art, education, and therapy. Therapy through art has been proven to be beneficial, so not only will the children be entertained, but they will find some emotional relief. Comprehensive and easy-to-follow instructions would be included for each activity on the tablet. Each box will contain all of the supplies needed to complete each activity (i.e. paper, pencil, pen, scissors, glue, coloring medium, and any specialty items needed). Also, the tablet's reading on coping skills would be age appropriate, interesting, and easy to follow. These children have to do without a lot materially and emotionally. The sturdy initial box would also fold into a lap desk with solar panels that will charge an internal battery. There will also be a LED book light that can be attached to the lap desk and a charger for the tablet built into the box. The tablet itself is stripped down with no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities. It will run a custom version of Android that is extremely easy to us. The OS will prompt for language selection and age upon initial start-up. A tutorial will also launch to explain the different applications available on the tablet. The digital workbook will have activities corresponding to the books available for the month, including vocabulary and comprehension. There were will also be math and science exercises and history readings. Our hope is that these boxes will help stimulate these children intellectually and provide some much-needed emotional comfort. Each box would contain a month's worth of activities and readings, which after the initial box containing the tablet, would be replenished each month with a new supplemental box, consisting of new activities and a SD card.