Another model - Braille letter tiles

A project log for 3D Prints for Teachers of the Visually Impaired

Visually impaired students can make great use of 3D prints to learn just about any subject, but their teachers need help making good models.

Joan HorvathJoan Horvath 01/03/2017 at 23:450 Comments

[Whoawhatsis] realized that he could slightly change his OpenSCAD Braille model to fulfill a teacher's request for tiles that each have a lower-case letter plus the Braille equivalent of that letter, to use to teach students Braille. So, he went ahead and created a set, using the principles we have discovered thus far. (For instance, printing Braille on vertical faces.)

Braille letter tiles completed on a 3D printer, standing in vertical rows

These are now available in the Google Group or on Youmagine.

They've been downloaded 21 times in 2 days. They even fit very tidily in one of those 0.14 liter "Really Useful Boxes" from Staples. The tiles are small, and so most appropriate for a school environment away from anyone who might want to try and eat them.

Braille tiles in a plastic box

There are a lot of requests on the Google Group - if you know how to do 3D modeling, how about a New Year's resolution to create a model a teacher needs for a blind student? Jump on over to the group, pick an open request, and go for it. Instructions in the Instructions section here, or linked on the Google Group. Happy New Year!