Interlude: how to get more folks using 3D printers well

A project log for 3D Prints for Teachers of the Visually Impaired

Visually impaired students can make great use of 3D prints to learn just about any subject, but their teachers need help making good models.

Joan HorvathJoan Horvath 03/06/2017 at 23:260 Comments

We have been busy trying to figure out how to scale our Google Group and what types of 3D prints people actually want to teach their students, and have been excited that some undergrads at University of North Carolina have jumped in as part of a community project they are doing. We're looking forward to their updates!

Meanwhile, we have recognized that part of this is that people need to learn how to make real stuff with a 3D printer. If any of you local folks want a deep dive into 3D printing in person, we are doing a live class aimed at making useful parts, at the SupplyFrame DesignLab in Pasadena. Registration is here:
We also now have a 4 week long online class through LERN Network (outsourced online classes for lots of community college extension programs) specifically about developing math and science models. If you hurry you could still sign up - it's four weeks online, starting now. If not it'll be offered again in May.

How can we get more folks to be less scared of 3D printing? That seems to be a lot of the barrier now. Let us know your thoughts.