second version completed (2m version with better parts)

A project log for portable pluggable YAGI Design

antenna design based on a 3D-Printed quick lock mechanism

Thomas PointhuberThomas Pointhuber 05/21/2016 at 19:280 Comments

I finished my second yagi antenna using this quick lock system.

It's a 4 element yagi for 2m, with about 7dB Gain (Design from DK7ZB:

Furthermore I improved all 3D-Printed-Parts, to fix some issues like to thin walls or to little mechanical stability of the radiator. The rewrite also helped me to cleanup the project, so I should be able to publish it soon.

New version of radiator clamp

New Version of director clamp

I verified the design by receiving Delfi-C³ in a distance of about 1500km. I heard either the CW Baken, or the BPSK Telemetrie downlink on 145.870 MHz, using a UV-5R as receiver.