The idea:

  • You have a collection of vinyl records that look nice on a shelf
  • You don't want a gramophone, cause it's work to maintain it and you maybe don't like the sound
  • You already have Spotify and something like a Chromecast-enabled stereo where you can play the music, but...
  • ... you like to go through your music in physical form with nice big vinyl record artwork when picking what to listen
  • ... you just want to play some music when you came back home from work, you don't want to turn your computer on first or fiddle with your phone

Well then, you set up RF'n'Roll where you can put RFID tags on all your vinyl records and put a reader on the wall that allows you to simply place a record on it and it starts playing that album on your stereo.

How does it work?

The RFID (Mfair RC522) reader is connected to Raspberry Pi which gets the information when an RFID tag is close to it and sends the information using Python & PyChromecast to a Chromecast device which then streams the album from Spotify and plays it on your traditional stereo system.