Project advances expected

A project log for Publys: An open source biosensing board

Publys is an open source platform for the study and processing of bioelectric signals.

EverEver 04/18/2018 at 14:200 Comments

For the moment I have explained the development of the EMG and ECG sensors. In the next few days I will be addressing the development of the other three sensors that the Publys board should carry, which are: Blood pressure, temperature and GSR.

The design of the schematic diagram of the complete project is not finished yet, details are missing to add, I hope to work on it soon and be able to have the complete schematic diagram in less than a month.

At the end of the schematic diagram I must start designing the PCB, apply DFM techniques in order to have an optimized prototype for large-scale manufacturing, however the first prototype will be a bit large (estimated dimensions 100mm x 70mm). For the second prototype the size must be reduced.
For this project I have no plans to design a plastic enclosure  since it escapes my knowledge, I will just look for a plastic enclosure to which the PCB can be adapted.

 I will choose to look for one in the China market. As a future work, I should work on creating a more professional and personalized plastic enclosure, which can highlight the physical aspect of the product to be built.

I hope to talk soon about the choice of electrodes and how they can impact the quality of the signals that are obtained.
This project is divided into 3 parts:

Part 1 of this project includes all the hardware design and files for manufacturing. Cover theoretical aspects of the functioning of the device and document the process necessary for manufacturing. Estimated time of work: 2 months. At the moment there is an advance of 40% in this phase of the project.

Part 2: I hope within a month and a half to start phase 2 of the project, which consists in developing all the software that the Publys platform requires for its optimal functioning. I decided to leave it for after having the hardware developed, since for me it represents the biggest challenge of the project, I am not a software specialist, but I understand everything that must be done.
I have researched a lot and there are many applications of algorithms based on open source that I can use and I will only need to make adaptations. This is the most experimental part of the project. Some hardware modules I have tested separately and they work. Estimated time of work: 2 months. At the moment 0% of advances.

Part 3: Hardware, Software and Mechanical Integration. This is the last phase of the project and must carry a work period of 1 month. Integrating the hardware and software will be done in a simple way. I should spend time getting the plastic mold I plan to use for the device. Subsequently, I must work on testing all the sensors contained in the Publys platform. Estimated time of work: 1 months. At the moment 0% of advances.

This is the basic structure of the project, as it progresses it may undergo modifications and even extend its range of scope.
My efforts will be focused on designing a portable and low-cost platform that streamlines research for the development of new electronic devices in the E-Health sector.