How can Publys help build hope?

A project log for Publys: An open source biosensing board

Publys is an open source platform for the study and processing of bioelectric signals.

EverEver 04/21/2018 at 18:590 Comments

The Hackaday prize 2018 wants us to build hope for a better world, under this premise the Publys project supports its foundations to build an open source platform that benefits society in at least one aspect.

Publys wants to give people the opportunity to venture into science, open the doors to the development of technology that impacts society. People want to cure many diseases, but do not have medical equipment, high costs end up frustrating the wishes of many. I want all researchers to return to the hopes of having development platforms for low-cost medical devices, this is possible and it only takes effort and want to share expertise.

In Latin America there are many talented people with great ideas, but we have very limited resources to develop science and technology. Publys wants to give the opportunity to the development of new ideas in the medical field, we know that there are many great ideas that hope to materialize, but they need a platform that allows to make prototypes quickly and economically. Anyone who wants to innovate and create portable medical devices need to have low cost and high efficiency instruments, I hope this is possible in countries like: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

I believe that anyone with the desire to help humanity take part of my project and from anywhere in the world can create a new electronic device that improves or takes care of our health.

I have hope in it and I trust that Publys could contribute to the open diffusion of science and technology.