Estimated cost of the project

A project log for Publys: An open source biosensing board

Publys is an open source platform for the study and processing of bioelectric signals.

EverEver 04/23/2018 at 18:290 Comments

The Publys platform has among its objectives to be a low cost device, in the design of medical equipment it is difficult to achieve low prices without sacrificing the quality of the device.
In order to build a low cost prototype that I can manufacture without needing to invest a lot of money, I am placing a maximum price of $ 150. I plan to design a PCB whose construction and assembly does not exceed $ 150. This is possible, but it has its drawbacks. I am currently preparing the BOM list carefully, I am using electronic components that are not expensive, I have experience reducing costs, so I apply the criteria I have applied in previous projects.

The construction of PCBs should be done in China, so the price will be low. I will choose to assemble the components myself in order to reduce the cost significantly, since in China you must pay from $ 300 for the assembly of at least 5 boards. I have experience with the welding of electronic components, even with encapsulations of type 0603, I must try not to place encapsulations of type 0402 to avoid complicating the assembly.

However, I must send the Stencil in China with the same company that I select to make the PCBs, the cost of the Stencil must be around $ 100.
I must take care that all electronic components to be placed on the PCB do not exceed $ 70, since I must buy some parts such as: electrodes, bracelet to measure blood pressure, etc.

                                                       Figure 1. BOM preview

I must select a enclosure plastic shell in order to have the lowest possible price.

According to the progress of the project, I will have a real estimate of the cost of the device. I plan to buy the electronic components through Digikey or Mouser, so I must place the part number of both providers.