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A project log for DC-10

My implementation of C10 decimal time clock

danjovicdanjovic 11/26/2016 at 04:400 Comments

Successfully assembled the prototype of the DC-10 clock.

But not everything went as I've expected.... The PC in my workshop can no longer run MPLAB 8.2 and I could not find a way to fix it and after some time I gave up and started to port the code to SDCC.

After some research using Google I was able to compile the code and run on the PIC16F628. The main difference from using CCS C to SDCC are the fuse bits configuration , the declaration of the interrupt vector and some standard types (like int32 vs uint32_t).

I needed also to change the definition of the digits to match the assembled prototype, since the connection to the segments were made to optimize the wiring and did not followed the original diagram.

The size of the compiled code is shown at the end of the assembly listing. There is an estimative of how many bytes the code is using but it seems that SDCC computes 20 bits for each instruction.

;	code size estimation:
;	  278+   80 =   358 instructions (  876 byte)
It is very interesting to see the time flowing in the decimal system. Now I want to take it to the work and see how do I behave using the decimal clock as a reference.