Kinetic Walker

The walker that walks with you, reducing common back problems by alleviating the need to lift and place a walking aid in front of you.

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Elderly people dread using a walker because it can lead to back pain and postural kyphosis, an increased curvature in the upper spine caused by slouching.

Traditional walkers involve the user lifting the walker before each step, which can lead to back strain. The alternative, walker with wheels, can be unstable for those with balance issues and still lead to slouching to accommodate to sudden shifts in speed. The Kinetic Walker is a newly designed walking aid that walks with you, matching your stride and pace.

The Kinetic Walker is slim, lightweight, and portable. The user interaction resembles a traditional walker, but the base moves using kinetic linkages that support and bear the weight of the user without the need to lift the walker at any time. For a healthier lifestyle, the Kinetic Walker will keep you posture perfect.

The Kinetic Walker is made from laser cut and 3D printed parts.

  • 1 × Laser-cut Material
  • 1 × 3D Printed Parts

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