USB Serial Interface

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A standalone, open-source thermal imager which can be built for under $50 in parts.

Josh LangeJosh Lange 05/28/2016 at 01:220 Comments

I've implemented a basic virtual serial interface that runs over the USB port. The current implementation just prints all the temperature values in a grid format whenever there is a new reading available. Each reading is separated by a row of dashes. The temperature values are rounded down to the nearest degree. The sensor does report temperature with 0.25 degree resolution, but I am currently doing everything using integers only.

It would be pretty straightforward to write a small program to capture and display this data if, for example, you wanted to log something over a period of time. I'm planning to write a python script which demonstrates this eventually.

Here's a screenshot of the output when pointing the device at the same two resistors used in the last post. The two dead pixels are visible in the second row, last two columns, with the values of (0 32).