Attempt to Eliminate "Colored Circles" projected onto the Bottom of the Ping Pong Ball

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Living in a Residential Bldg with long hallways & doors that all look the same, I tell folks to look for the door with the multi-color Ball.

Grayson SchlichtingGrayson Schlichting 07/11/2016 at 03:540 Comments

The The Microtivity Site LEDs that I use are NOT diffused so while looking at the ping pong ball at about eye-level, the colors which are a mix of Red/Green/Blue are blended well. However, when looking at the ping pong ball closely or at below eye-level (i.e.: like passing under it going through the door), there are obvious "rings" of colors which appear at 3 distinct spots on the bottom of the surface of the ping pong ball.

In an attempt to make this more diffused, I put a bit of baking soda into the ball, and re-inserted the LED.

Unfortunately, it was obvious that there was a powder at the bottom of the ball once it had been hanging for a bit and the "dust had settled."

My next attempt (I'm an 'electrical' guy, not too 'mechanical') was to spray a coating of white Papilio Window Masking-Spray on the LED.