Quantity   Component name
1 × Pack of 6 Ping Pong Balls from the Dollar Store They come in a package of 6 for -- you guessed it, $1.00
1 × Microtivity IL604 RGB Slow Rotating LED by The Microtivity Site purchased on Amazon They are only sold in packs of 30 (with 220 Ohm current-limiting resistors - not used/needed in this project).
1 × Solar Cell Panel - distributed as OSEPP (100ma/3.6V) Distributed as OSEPP by Leo Sales Ltd., Richmond, BC, Canada: "Monocrystalline Solar Cell Cat. No. SC10036, Size: 60x60mm. I got mine from Fry's Electronics.
1 × 2.1mm DC Adapter from AdaFruit (http://adafrui.it/368) To keep it all clean. This is a female to 2-terminal adapter which the Solar Panel plugs directly in to.