Anti-grav assist unit

Modular multi-rotor array for lifting and transport

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The challenge is gravity!
Well the challenge is transportation as a whole.
How much does it cost to maintain roads? How much does it cost to maintain cars, tires, people.
By utilizing small modular self contained array of coaxial, tricopter or even quadcopter design to make a lift platform to aid in lifting heavy objects and people.
These could be used for fire fighting, package delivery, people delivery. :)

Each array unit will consist of a basic flight controller along with both intra-array communication, for stability control, and external rf for altitude and throttle control. Including its own independent battery or other power source

By making the units modular and of varying sizes. The lift and time needed can be adjusted by using a different series of modules.

Platforms and add ons can be easily constructed to attach to the units and allow for wide variety of adaptations, from jet pack to heavy lift assist to fire assistance, etc.

The user would control pitch and roll by pushing or leaning the unit or platform. Throttle or altitude would be directly controlled by user input or automated assistance.

  • Testing

    BART05/31/2016 at 15:27 0 comments

    initial test are proving a little disappointing.

    The motor and support you see hobbled together weigh 2.4g. Best weight 2g.

    At 3.8v getting 0.7g with 2 blades and 1.3g with 3 blades. (Propellers)

    Trying different batteries and plotting curve.

    Then test coaxial setup with and without the duct.

  • :)

    BART05/28/2016 at 21:17 0 comments

  • Scaling

    BART05/27/2016 at 12:19 0 comments

    The 4 1000kv motors are a bit unwieldy when testing. Figuring out the configuration, and the cost at quantities above the 4...So scaled down to micro core-less motors.

    In total we have 40 core-less motors, and 80 micro props. :)

    Each motor can draw .8A at full load, up to 51k rpm's.

    We are doing thrust testing with the 2 blade v. 3 blade (cheerson x12) propeller, and also stacked with a 2 blade on top and a 3 blade on bottom.

    I will post some pics. Want to clean up my 3d pen work first. ;)

    The goal is to make each column semi autonomous. Using the micro motors we're working out the logistics before we move back to the 1000kv bldc motors.

    Finalizing test before posting anymore.

    Thanks for the views and best of luck to all in the contest!

  • Parts have started arriving

    BART04/25/2016 at 07:21 0 comments

    Have been working on this idea for a few weeks already.

    Currently I have 4 1000kv brushless motors, several brushed motors for smaller test.

    Cc3d flight controller and 30A esc.

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