Intelligent Mobile Robotic Platform

A rugged robotic platform to be used for academic research work and for possible uses in security, search and rescue missions.

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This project is to design and make a robotic platform, which can help in academic research work and also be used as a surveillance, search, inspection, security robot.

We will be making a platform similar to the tactical robot platforms available on and but to be made using parts available locally and in fraction of the cost.

The robots will have several sensors, cameras, manual control and an autonomous mode which will help a single operator control multiple robots OR multiple robots moving in collaboration and coordination among each others.

First goal is to use it as a fire fighting robot capable of taking a water hose near fire, while travelling through doors and climbing stairs and avoiding obstacles.

So, the project has been at bay for some time now, reason being, we first are now moving to make a smaller robot on which to test the many algorithms and stuff and then move on to the bigger badder bot design.

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