EyEars - See the world with your Ears

An intelligent personal vision assisstive device for a visually challenged people

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There are over 285 million visually impaired people in the world who dream to live independently without any human assistance. There are several projects made for visually challenged people which are very primitive, or with minimal features to solve the needs or very expensive. Even after many such initiatives they just remain as prototypes and never reach the masses.

Given the improvements in technology and rising interest in Artificial Intelligence among developers, we have started this project to provide a vision and interactive assistant wearable.
We are building vision algorithms to detect and and recognize surroundings, speech recognition and Natural Language understanding systems and AI interactive engine which learns and helps the person to see/read/know-how of the outside world.

In the first phase, a GPS location based speaker was designed where the speaker would assist the user when the destination is reached.

Team- Naveen and Tejas Narayan

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