Project pH5.6 is a smart network-connected device which focuses on how to save water and utilize it properly. Its structure includes a main tank which is attached to a few auxiliary tanks through electronic valves. The main tank collects rain water and waste water from around the house and through LDR sensors judges its clarity and accordingly puts it in different tanks. There are three tanks in which water is stored, one is for clear water, the second is for moderately clear water and the last one is for the least clear water. Once the tank is full the Ultrasound sensor will send a signal to the LDR to start processing the water. Depending on its clarity, the water will be poured out to one of the three tanks. With the help of the auto-segregation, we can use water in different tanks for different purposes. All the processes will be controlled by a single Linux powered computer- Raspberry Pi embedded on the device itself.

This helps save water by making it easy and convenient to the user to save and utilize water. The user has to do nothing at all- just use the water in whatever way he/she deems appropriate. Auto-segregation solves the problem of the user not being able to decide how to use the water.

Project pH 5.6 is also a smart device. All the data generated by it can be viewed in a Webapp. The Webapp displays the clarity of water, and the level of water in the main tank. It also gives contextual information to make sense of the readings. It tells you what the clarity reading means- till what number it is safe, how to use the water in different ways depending on its clarity, etc. The app is like a dashboard giving you all relevant information to make saving water a simple task.

We have hit the 8 billion mark and because of that water is becoming scarce. This makes it very important for us to utilize water smartly and this makes Project pH5.6 essential for all homes.

Future plans

• We can set an alarm on the app to disperse water towards the garden and water the plants on a particular time. This will surely make our lives quicker and efficient, and help us in watering plants with zero effort on our side. It will be useful for gardening enthusiasts with day jobs who have no time to look after their plants.

• Cross-platform apps for Windows 10, Android and iOS.

• Smarter auto-segregation which takes help of other factors of water such as acidity, oxygen level, bacteria count, etc.

• The user and community in a particular region will be able to set water collection goals. The overall progress of the goal will be listed and also the app will judge the total amount of rain-water you can collect by analyzing the weather pattern.

• The tank will be powered by solar panels.

Scope of Research

In these days to climate change, the world needs more insight into rainwater data and how polluted it is because unless we know more about the scenario we can’t do anything to change it. Any and all data collected on these issues is important for analyzations and predictions about climate change. That is why we plan to make the data generated by the device available to authorized agencies, with the user’s permission of course. The research can be utilized thus:

• The government or concerned authorities can use rainwater collection data for surveys, analyzations and predictions.

• Agencies can use the data to know how much water is currently being saved and what kind of impact it can have on the world.

• Agencies concerned with pollution can use the water clarity numbers to know how polluted our water is and where. This can be useful in lots of ways.