45x20 Greenhouse

A greenhouse built to last 20+ years while built on scrap wood from a broken house.

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I AM claiming stewardship of a small plot of land of 4.75 acres. It was used as a dump. There are all the broken toys and gadgets produced by the 20th century industrial revolution. Broken tvs, crashed cars from the 50's. Hundreds of broken jars, glass and metal. A real dump. The land was abused for years with GMO corn and GMO soy.
I AM starting an organic farm and using agnihotra to purify the atmosphere.
We will start saving seeds, integrate bees and a 1 acre food forest.
WE will build a Workshop and A Learning Center to provide what is required. Yoga classes. Mudra classes. ETC.
The greenhouse is the first building on the Project.

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