Bear on Stool and Floating Airplane

A project log for Santa's Shop

This is a techno/art installation to be displayed in the community--similar to old time holiday window displays.

Mike RigsbyMike Rigsby 07/22/2016 at 13:460 Comments

Elmer needed to control something, so I created a bear and a stool (toy Elmer is making). The 3d printed bear and stool (files available on this site) were painted and a hole was drilled in the bear to accept a LED.

I was using a BB-8 (Sphero) to operate near the clapping monkey, but the charge/run time ratio was not sufficient to keep the device operable (even though it was operating on its charging cradle). It was replaced by a magnetic levitating disk--on which is a 3d printed/painted reindeer flying an airplane.