Echo Lamp

A device that I hope will help alert a visual impaired person to the presence of an object in their pathway.

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A few years ago I jotted down an idea in my sketch book called "boom stick" a device that would help the visually impaired to navigate by using sonar to ping out a signal and play back the response though headphones to the wearer.

Back then, I dismissed the idea assuming it would be too costly to develop, now today, armed with a bit more knowledge; I want to revisit the idea and attempt making it.

Research [known as Google] has shown me that a guide stick with sonar exists on the market today; although the technology is the same as what I plan to use, I want to create a different variation based loosely on a torch/lamp design.

The added benefits of this approach would be to quickly and easily direct the torch with no need to physically touch the object to know it is there. [optimistic maybe]

I believe there is a space for a product that can be created and developed for the price of a few cheap components and expanded by a community of like minded developers

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  • 1 × Arduino Nano To run the code
  • 1 × 4 Pin Sonar breakout To detect the objects
  • 1 × 2 x AA battery Holder To power the device
  • 1 × 1 / 2 x Brushless motors To feedback to user the distance of object

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