Not your typical camera light

I hacked a disposable camera and a cfl and a led torch and made a stand alone 240 volt bulb with no external fittings.

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Found a circuit called a joule thief that uses a small input power to run an item that traditionally uses much more power to run. The first circuit ran a 3 volt led from only 1 x 1.5v volt AAA battery for over 30 hours. The next step was to use a circuit board from a disposable camera and use it to run a 240 volt compact flouro tube from 2 x 1.5 volt AAA batteries. Others have done this before me but I wanted my circuit to fit inside the original base so it looks like there is no power connected. I re-routed some original parts and left sensitive parts on the original board. This allowed me to cut the original board down to fit inside the bulb base along with 2 x AAA batteries. I found a led torch with a screw in base that is a perfect fit in the bottom of the bulb and provides a switch.

One word of warning... Watch the charge produced by this circuit. It is 300 volts plus and will give you a nasty kick.. Trust me on this one.

Thanks to all for the original idea.

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Munir wrote 07/03/2015 at 07:59 point

Cool project GregTed.

I'm interested in what changes/adjustments you've made to the joule thief: 

"I re-routed some original parts and left sensitive parts on the original board"

can you provide a schematic/plan/documentation of those modifications, please.


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PointyOintment wrote 06/08/2014 at 01:54 point
Voltage, not power. It takes the same amount of power (actually a bit more due to inefficiency in the Joule Thief).

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