Final Resolution Test for DH 4.2 Homemade Spectrometer

A project log for DAV 4 UV/VIS Spectrometer

Well, this is the next evolutionary step from when I first bought the Plab 2.5 spectrometer kit

David H Haffner SrDavid H Haffner Sr 06/20/2016 at 09:020 Comments

400nm UV LED 2D EEM Plot400nm UV thru-the-hole LED 2D EEM Plot

I tested these 4 LEDs at the highest gain possible, by scanning them straight ahead through the detector's slit with no filter thru an empty glass cuvette. This way I can get a better reading on their true values as compared to their stated values.

410nm UV high pwr 1W LED 4.0vdc 350mA-Prolight

470nm Blue high pwr 1W LED 4.0vdc 550mA-Cree

623nm Red high pwr 1W LED 2.7vdc 700mA-Cree

400nm UV thru-the-hole LED 40mA 9vdc-Generic

410nm UV 1W LED 2D EEM Plot

2D EEM Plot 410nm UV LED

470nm Blue LED 1W 2D EEM Plot470nm Blue LED 2D EEM Plot

623nm RED LED 1W 2D EEM Plot623nm RED LED 2D EEM Plot