• Define the expectations of the electronic door system and Brainstorm on all aspects of this project from a feature perspective.
  • Classify lock system into sub project categories
  • Determine if Feature Development Versions are needed
  • If time permits, explore each category in more depth.
  • Assign (if any) follow up work to be done by participants for next meeting.
  • At all possible, keep this entire project open source and documented to be shared with other hackerspaces upon completion.


Initial Thoughts:

  • Secured Access featuring 2 Factor Authentication (text, fingerprint, keypad,NFC,RFID?)
  • Manual override (landlord, power outage,etc.)
  • Remote override
  • Database Query for entry validation
  • Temporary and single use passwords
  • Logging User Entry


Notes from after meeting:

  • Power System ?
  • Power on reboot for system & database network
  • Multiple login attempt monitoring.
  • Delay each attempt +5 seconds
  • Lockout after X attempts
  • Photo capture each failed attempt.
  • Notify board members upon certain attempt threshold.
  • Remote Override Management & Security.