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A project log for Internet of Things Microscope

We are updating the microscope using open source materials to make microscopy accessible globally

Arch ReactorArch Reactor 07/10/2016 at 01:150 Comments


We have been busy with the electronics side of the scope. We have for a while now been wanting to place the electronics in a small enclosure that would ether attach to or lay beside the scope. However someone had a idea to make the base what holds the scope upright and the electronics.

So I laser cut some fancy bamboo plywood into upper and lower plates that sandwich the electronics between them.

The electronics are a Adafruit battery charger that links with a 2500 mah li-ion battery. The output feeds a newly acquired 5 amp step up DC- DC converter. The output 5 volts from the converter runs the LED, Pi 3 and Stepper motor. I added a manual 1k ohm potentiometer to the LED as I like the feel of a mechanical dimmer for the main light.

The top most layer is very clean and is only broken up by a few elements. Though the DB9 motor power connector feeds though nicely and the black lens assembly ties well into the rest of the microscope.

Here is a picture of the final look of the scope with the newly added bamboo base with integrated electronics. I will be adding the files over the next hour or so. This way you can make your own base if you would like.

The images are from the updated light and base are looking very clear. Above is a picture of Taenia pisiformis or commonly called the rabbit tapeworm. You can find out more information here.