FM radio α version of Hear Hear

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An open source adaptive hearing aid

Liam MarshallLiam Marshall 05/21/2014 at 20:000 Comments

As an α-test for user interface design, I knocked up a transmitter and reciever using the NS73M FM transmitter and the Si4703 FM tuner.

Ahh, ugly cardboard boxes. I can't wait to be rid of thee ;)

It worked well; I alpha tested it on Star Wars ;)

The volume knob was a *bit* strange, gave the illusion of analog sensitivity *but* only had 16 levels.
The mute button works well; but the horrendous flashing of the power light when it's muted has to go.
Same with the debugging startup flashes. And *never* use a 10mm led on anything that's going to be used in a darkened room that should stay dark ;)