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A project log for The SkeinTwister

Automating the skein-twisting process for indie dyers; eliminating repetitive stress injuries and helping their product look more consistent

Alpenglow IndustriesAlpenglow Industries 08/21/2019 at 03:271 Comment

Long long ago, I took a break from this project for a while.  Then I picked it back up again and totally made it a thing and forgot I had even put it on Hackaday until I googled myself and remembered again.  :)  I've delivered 370 SkeinTwisters thus far, and after this next batch is made, there will be SkeinTwisters in 45 US States and on 6 continents.  If anyone stationed in Antarctica wants one, I'll just send it to you for free.  Actually, no wait.  I'll deliver it PERSONALLY.  I dig mountains, snow, cold weather, love wearing and sleeping in down, and don't complain in the face of hardship.  I'll be a freakin asset.  Call me.'s totally a product, albeit a niche one.  I still don't know when I'll saturate the market and the demand will stop because there isn't really any demographic info available about the number of people dyeing yarn out of their houses, garage, and small workshops.  So I build them in batches, and I crowdfund/run pre-orders for each batch so that I don't build too many and get stuck with inventory.  As long as people keep wanting them, I'll keep making them!

Official website is:


Jarrett wrote 08/24/2019 at 20:07 point

That looks fantastic, I'm going to have to look into vinyl stickers to jazz up all my project boxes

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