Open Hardware DSP Platform

A flexible and modular open source hardware DSP platform for processing analogue and digital audio signals

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The open hardware DSP platform is a range of small boards that can be plugged together to give you a flexible platform for processing all sorts of audio signals. All board designs and information are released under the TAPR Open Hardware License.

This project is ongoing work and existing hardware designs are being tested and modified as needed.

Design files are hosted on GitHub and there is a website at

Current board designs include:
ADAU1452 DSP Board
ADAU1966 16 Channel DAC Board
PCM4202 Stereo Balanced ADC
PCM4202 Stereo Single Ended ADC

Work in progress boards include:
CoreOne - An XMOS 200 DSP and Microcontroller Platform with USB and Ethernet
AmpOne - A Dual TDA7492 or TDA7498 4 Channel Class D Amplifier
AmpTwo - A Dual Stereo Headphone Amplifier
BlueOne - A BC127 Based Bluetooth Board

Check my blog for updates:

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