Plus4 module with sdram controller and bootstrap

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Reimplement the TED chip of Commodore 264 series in FPGA

István HegedűsIstván Hegedűs 10/17/2017 at 19:502 Comments

Development of FPGATED has not stopped! Although during this year I was slower than I expected I have a working PLus4 in FPGA which uses the Papilio Pro platform's sdram and onboard flash chip to store/upload ROMs. I am currently working on the improvement of the flash memory controller which can already load the Plus4 ROM images from the user data location of the FPGA external flash ROM chip during power up. I decided to create a special Kernal that will be load during power up when the user keeps a special key pressed. This Kernal will provide configuration options with which the user can configure ROM versions to use and turn on/off special hardware extensions like memory expansion, sid card, etc. ROM version registers and configuration registers however need to be written back to flash memory and this write routine does not exists at the moment. When I am ready with it I will publish the latest Plus4 wrapper top module with sdram controller and bootstrap modules.


Jason Smith wrote 01/10/2018 at 17:04 point

Wow man, never heard of hackaday or this project before but on behalf of the 10s of thousands of dead Plus 4s in the world I'd like to thank you for all this work.

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Pawel Pieczul wrote 10/19/2017 at 12:57 point

Hi. I came across your project recently and I am totally excited about it. Owning two C16 and one C116 all with dead TEDs, there is really no option today to resurrect these old computers. Let me ask a simple question: if I wanted to try out your FPGA with these machines, what should I really do? Thank you and I wish you all good luck.

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