Vibration Interface VTH

Non-Invasive interface to get data accesable to your brain. The first Prototype will use a Camera to get pixel data. The 3rd Eye!

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A Matrix of small Vibration Motors (60x) are sowed into a T-shirt. A Rapberry Pi is used to controll these Motors. A Camera is Connected to the R-Pi and Processing is used to scale the captured image down to the Resolution of the Matrix (and to grayscale). Each Motor vibrates with a Strength, corresponding to the brightness level of each captured pixel.
With some trainning the Human brain should be able to understand the incomming data.
A webcam is only one option. Other options would be:
Thermal Camera - Heat vision
Nightvision Camera - Get Nightvision Today!
Ultrasonic sensors - Get nightvision and make dogs crazy!
Lidar - See how Autonomous cars see!

Future Prototypes will get smaller motors, higher resolution and maybe flexible pcbs instead of wiring.

The Sowing and soldering Job on Prototype No.1 is finished.

I made 60 pokets for 60 Vibration Motors and wired them all up to a pcb, where i plan to mount the Raspberry Pi and the 2 Borads with each 32 channels of PWM (12bit).

The two expansion boards are ordered and i am currently working on the software side.


PCB Adapter for the Wiring of the 60 Motors

JPEG Image - 2.51 MB - 04/01/2018 at 21:58



Project Overview

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Shirt overview

JPEG Image - 749.34 kB - 04/01/2018 at 21:58


  • 1 × Raspberry Pi A borad i have laying around and can easily interface a camera and a lot of outputs
  • 2 × 32 channel PWM expansion Board Used to control the Vibration Matrix
  • 60 × 5mm Diameter Vibration motor, round,flat
  • 1 × Webcam generic cheap for first version. in future a fast camera would be clever

  • Software and Presentation

    hyperkante04/20/2018 at 15:17 0 comments

    I made a short video to introduce my Project to the World.:

    Right now my Raspberry Pi is running Raspian Linux and im trying to get my webcam working with openCV. would love to get some help. just sayin'...

    I will make an update as soon as i get the software side ready.

    see you soon


  • Finishing touches....

    hyperkante04/13/2018 at 16:11 0 comments

    My 32 channel PWM modules for the raspberry Pi arrived ! hurray!

    I had to solder 60 connections to my shirt, gave the 4 chips different adresses and now im working on the Software for the raspberry.

    I plan to use Processing to capture a frame of the webcam and convert it to a greyscale matrix of 6x10 pixel. (super high resolution, yeah!)

    then the Raspberry pushes the pixel Data to the PWM driver chips (PCA9685).

    The driver chips then pulse the vibration Motors according to the pixel Data. Simple, right?

    The wiring is kinda messy, but should work without shorting or something.
    Remember, its still a Prototype. The next itteration, should get a small board with 4 Driver chips and a better way of wiring the motors.
    See you soon.

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micael baruch wrote 06/29/2019 at 16:33 point

Have you considered using another kind of sensor, such as a eltromagnetic sensor or a humidity sensor so you would have kind of a new, nonhuman, sense?

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