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A project log for Vibration Interface VTH

Non-Invasive interface to get data accesable to your brain. The first Prototype will use a Camera to get pixel data. The 3rd Eye!

hyperkantehyperkante 04/13/2018 at 16:110 Comments

My 32 channel PWM modules for the raspberry Pi arrived ! hurray!

I had to solder 60 connections to my shirt, gave the 4 chips different adresses and now im working on the Software for the raspberry.

I plan to use Processing to capture a frame of the webcam and convert it to a greyscale matrix of 6x10 pixel. (super high resolution, yeah!)

then the Raspberry pushes the pixel Data to the PWM driver chips (PCA9685).

The driver chips then pulse the vibration Motors according to the pixel Data. Simple, right?

The wiring is kinda messy, but should work without shorting or something.
Remember, its still a Prototype. The next itteration, should get a small board with 4 Driver chips and a better way of wiring the motors.
See you soon.