Basic sketches and cardboard model

A project log for Robotic Hand With Interchangable Gripper Types

A robotic hand design that can change the positions of its fingers to achieve better dexterity

ouz-salarO─čuz Salar 04/02/2018 at 23:150 Comments

In order to create the 3D model easier later on, I sketched the basic shapes and measurements and also cut out a cardboard model to make sure the fingers could move as I wanted them to.

The basic measurements of the gripper can be seen in the picture above. The center of the 10 mm circles will be attached to the servos and will work as a point of rotation. I might need to alter the measurements in order to make the pieces fit better together.

The cardboard cutout that shows to intended movement of two of the three fingers that will be able to rotate around a total of two axis.