CAD model progress

A project log for Robotic Hand With Interchangable Gripper Types

A robotic hand design that can change the positions of its fingers to achieve better dexterity

ouz-salarO─čuz Salar 04/12/2018 at 22:400 Comments

Basic outline of the CAD model is mostly finished. The fingers will be moved with a two-wire bowden cable system (chosen for their flexibility and ability to transmit mechanical force) which can effectively move the fingers in both direction - by pulling them from either up or down and forcing them to bend - without having to rely on springs to pull the finger back to default position. This also means the fingers actually keep their positions whenever the servos are not being rotated.

The fingers on their default position (Not final version)

The fingers on the high torque position (Not final version)

The remaining features to be added are;

- Improved thumb connection piece

- The management of the wires that actuate the fingers