Project Man-Cam

A project log for PROJECT MAN-CAM : Mobile AzEL Networked Camera

A person with a remote access wi-fi r/c az-el (azimuth elevation) web-cam attached to a cart. Allows disabled to tour any locale.

chris joneschris jones 04/28/2016 at 11:110 Comments

The GoPro harness is on the way from LightInTheBox dot com for $7.99!!!

Decided that a utility cart would be better as it can hold the web-cam and the other equipment. Most museums and other venues MAY accept this. If you allow them to see the project is legit they probably will let you do it. About 5-6 museums worldwide are allowing telepresence robots now.

But here is someone else who is using a this method just like mine - notice time-stamp 6:12:

Here is my utility cart idea: