CAD of WorkHorse 3D Printer Mk 3

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Swaleh OwaisSwaleh Owais 04/28/2018 at 17:390 Comments

I have finished a rough CAD mock up of my third prototype autonomous 3D printer.

[Figure 1: WorkHorse 3D Printer Mk. 3 Rough CAD]

The printer features a hybrid delta-conveyor belt design. The linkage system provides the X and Z Axes movement and the Conveyor Belt provides the Y Axes movement. The design change greatly reduces the complexity of the mechanism.

I plan to allow the printer to print at an angle to provide infinite build volume functionality.

A common aspiration of open source 3D printers is to be able to print all the components required for a printer. This allows the machine to be self replicating. With the new prototype 3D printer, hackers will finally be able to print long structural extrusion pieces.

Image result for long aluminium extrusion[Figure 2: Prototype Should be Able to Print Structural Pieces as Seen Above]


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