Ejecting Parts from WorkHorse 3D Printer Mk. 3

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Swaleh OwaisSwaleh Owais 05/23/2018 at 05:511 Comment

I have finished making the belt of the WorkHorse 3D Printer and I ran a few quick 3D printing tests.

I need to make multiple adjustments to the firmware to finalize the machine. For example, the y axis movement is not proportional. The printed object should be circular.

I would also like to give  a shoutout to the Deltesian project. The Deltesian is an open source 3D printer designed by a crew of extremely knowledgeable and friendly hackers. I've spent a lot of time communicating with the team on advice and queries about 3D printing.


chihebma wrote 03/23/2019 at 18:21 point

hi! ,

im working on a similar project i want to know  how does the belt stepper command work, is it with Gcode

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