A project log for Building a Shapeoko 3 from Scratch

Let's find out if I can use my little X-carve to build a bigger and better CNC router.

Caleb PetersCaleb Peters 06/13/2016 at 18:420 Comments

With the z-axis now complete I think I can safely say that this DIY-Oko will be running before the end of June. It’s crazy to think that I started working on this project back in October, but hard work and patience is finally starting to appear to pay off.

Sadly, I’m a little bit pressed for time, so a detailed assembly isn’t in the cards. However, I did manage to put together a short video talking about the z-axis and how it went together. The video skips the tedious assembly part, but if you’re interested I also have a video on my channel detailing the assembly of my Shapeoko 2 z-axis which is similar in a lot of ways.