The first step is car assembled. I think everybody has their own little beloved car model, right? Our acrylic car, for example, installation is very simple, two rear wheels, a caster. Next, connect the motor leads first, then mboard board fixed in a small car with pillars, connected to the motor.

Then the program can be programmed using a mini USB interface cable to connect the computer and mboard. Driver installation is not introduced, with the arduino uno, Leonardo same. mboard programming when "board type selection leonardo".

Paste the code does not come up, the relevant information and codes uploaded attachments available for download, Bluetooth module receives a signal corresponding to the implementation of the corresponding command.

After arduino IDE compiler upload is complete, plug in the bee Bluetooth module, connect the power, hardware complete physical map.

At this time, the Bluetooth indicator flashes, the waiting pairing status.

Next, you can use the serial port on your computer assistant test whether you can send and receive. Here we tested the computer serial port is not introduced, we have a direct download Android phones "Bluetooth serial communications assistant" app. Automatically open after opening the phone and Bluetooth device can be connected to the scan.

To be continue....