eCiGee, a cardio-belt

Make our own open-source ECG/activity Tracker

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There are few open-source activity trackers that allow you to keep data control, so I decided to make one.
I am a beginner in python and electronics, so the project may not evolve quickly :D

The aims of this project are multiples :
- to make an open-source activity tracker that allow to keep control of data,
- to develop form scratch or by forking an app to display data (on web and/or on smartphone)
- to learn and have fun :)

Step 1 :
HeartBIT board from BITalno is ready to use, it embeds an ECG sensor and an Accelerometer.

So the first step is to read data from sensors using Python API.

Next Steps :
The next steps are to improve the belt (by making it more comfortable and by using conductive Lycra for example to avoid using electrodes ?) and develop an app (using Python).


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helourenco414 wrote 07/03/2017 at 16:13 point

Hi, here is an interesting project to ECG recording to anywhere, and any situation.
But, I have some questions for you.
Why do you use ACC? Only to recognize the spacial position of the person who is being monitored?
There is much noise when you record on moving? How do you reduce it?

Thank you, good work.


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