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This is the sub-project for Automated Living: This is the server backend component

James WynhoffJames Wynhoff 04/04/2018 at 20:570 Comments

I just recently got my office in a (mostly) usable state at the new house, and threw my hand usb installer into the PC I was going to use as a server with a fresh 3tb sata drive, I came back to it today and found things were a hot steaming mess, the scripts I have on my auto installer relies heavily on having an internet connection, this was actually the first time I have had a problem with this, I should make everything fail gracefully, it doesn't, it turns it into a hot mess.

Right away I found the problem, the integrated NIC is putting on a good show, but its all for show.

It gets a link light, you can detect the interface, but it wont DHCP, and wont respond to static settings, I booted a LiveUSB to confirm it wasnt just an issue with this install, no dice.

Maybe now I remember why this PC landed in the reuse pile.....

I know somewhere in this house exists a PCI-E NIC, I just saw it...... a few weeks ago?

Oh boy..