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WiFi controller for RGB/RGBW Analog LED strips

MobileWillMobileWill 05/29/2016 at 21:220 Comments

Here is a picture of the parts that will go into mounting the nodeLED and the LED strip on my desk. It will be attached to my desk’s shelf with two mending plates and four small L-brackets. Originally I wanted to avoid screwing into the wood of the shelf. My idea was to flip the L-brackets so that they hang on the sides, but they aren’t stable or even long enough with my drawers on top. So after fandangling them around, I will now screw them in from under the shelf. Hopefully the screws can handle the weight, which shouldn't be too much. After that’s done, I’ll attach the aluminum corner L-strip which will support the LED strip and rest on a screw and nut on the end of the mending plates.