A project log for HAK5 USB RubberDucky Emulator

A simple java program that reads and executes ducky scripts (from the popular hak5 rubber ducky)

TAIBHSE DESIGNSTAIBHSE DESIGNS 08/06/2015 at 14:240 Comments

OK so I've gotten a few messages with issues with this program, so I've decided to go back and revisit this project, its been a while and I've improved my java programming since making this project. So to start, I'd like to get this compatible across all platforms but I do not have a mac available to test this on, linux I can try in a virtual machine. Lastly this program uses the java robot class to type so I need a way to allow uses to adjust it for different keyboard layouts, help with this would be appreciated. The project and its source has been fully released on github for anyone to view and share opinions on and play around with. This is surprisingly my first time ever using github and I'm still learning.